My Oily Story

There’s not a novel to write about our Oily Adventure yet, as I haven’t been oiling long… but I’m excited to share our journey with you!

I’m Momma to 6 children and over the years I’ve learned many natural ways to maintain a healthy body – so of course I was eager to see what all of the “oil” fuss was about.

I’ve used Essential Oils for a couple of years now for topical and cleaning purposes, but only recently did I join Young Living and find that not all essential oils are equal. 🙂

You see, I’ve used oils when washing cloth diapers and added oils to our humidifier. FYI – these aren’t really supposed to go in there! More on that another time. I’ve also created my own concoctions. All of this with some success…

But I didn’t just *love* my oils.

That’s beginning to change now that I’ve switched to Young Living! I know, it sounds like an infomercial, but when you start talking about rubbing stuff on your skin and inhaling it, you’d better believe I’m going to pay attention to quality. You don’t want *who knows what’s in those other brands* soaking into your body!

Tested to be theraputic grade essential oils (that means you can ingest them), Young Living oils have me smelling and sniffing and then coming back for more. They are strong. 🙂

I’m super excited to be learning all of the uses of these oils and to share our experience with you. As we build the website, we’ll be adding recipes and ways to use your oils. We’ll also have contests and giveaways for FREE oils!


‘Til next time – Candace