The Scoop on Poop and Essential Oils

Let’s talk poop – literally. We should poop every day, ideally after every meal.  Sometimes pooping Just. Doesn’t. Happen., and our bodies will feel the effects. Little ones will especially be fussy!

Think about it, breastfed infants poop every single time they eat… because their body is breaking down the food properly AND because it’s exactly what they need. Right? (Nod your head up and down…) 🙂

But our diets are full of toxins, chemicals, and preservatives that we don’t need – and our bodies just aren’t made to digest those things. Thus, they sit in our bodies – keeping toxins trapped in.

Well, I’d been wanting to use on oil on our little one’s gums, but then decided to use something else. So this diluted bowl of oil sat in my house for a week or two before I finally decided to look it up on my reference book and see what else I might could use it for…

Clove oilY’all – I was SO EXCITED! This essential oil, Clove Essential Oil to be exact, can help a variety of different things, but the one that caught my eye was to support a healthy intestinal system!


So I slathered that good ole’ Clove oil on the bottoms of my feet where your intestinal points are located and I couldn’t believe it, but within maybe an hour or two – I was, um.., pooping! And that’s funny because I’m usually a morning person – and this was late afternoon. (Seriously, I’m chuckling like crazy over here!)

Okay, so with ALL that out – I figured I was good for awhile – but nope, the next morning I was still “normal” and rountine!

So yesterday I mixed up a bottle of diluted clove oil – you know, so I don’t have to mix it up every single time I use it. I forgot to apply it last night, so I did so mid-morning.

Now, it’s too early to tell a difference in my face, but can you guess what happened not long after putting it on my feet????


Yep – POOP!

And that’s the end of my “TMI” (too much information) testimonial of Clove Essential Oil. You’re welcome! And oh yeah, the baby thanks me, too. 🙂

Want a sample? Just ask!


**UPDATE** – My face is so much better now than it’s been in a while, and I’ve noticed that it’s not just Clove oil that cleanses – many oils have this effect! I love how the Lord provided natural ways to cleanse our bodies!! I still have an occasional flare up when I eat some junky food, but that’s to be expected.

*CAUTION This is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to be medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis. Consult a medical professional before starting any treatment. Clove oil should be avoided by those with Epilepsy – which is why I put this on the bottoms of my feet and cover w/ socks – so our little one won’t smell it.